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Travelling Castile

Most of the visitors arriving in Spain visit the coasts and Madrid. Not as many people travel around the region of Castile. Being the historic heartland of the Spanish kingdom though the regions of Castile and Leon have a lot to offer. The town of Salamanca for example has the oldest university of Spain and is one of the oldest in the world (picture 1, 3). Burgos was one of the first capitals of the kingdom and is still a pretty impressive town with a grandiose cathedral (picture 2, 4). The city of Avila is pretty interesting because of its completely intact medieval city wall (last picture). All of these towns have beautiful churches and exquisite cuisine. Also the region is pretty compact, you do not travel more than two or three ours to the next larger city.


The Architecture of Castile

During the middle ages and especially in the early modern period, when Spain conquered large parts of the world, Castile as heartland of the Iberian peninsula used to be one of the richest places on earth. Evidence to this period can still be seen in the immense architectural wealth of the region. Many town have grandiose gothic cathedrals like for example Burgos (pictures 3 and 5) or even smaller beautiful churches like the Convento de Santa Teresa de Jesús in Avila (pictures 2 and 4). Particularly impressive is the “Arco de Santa María” city gate in Burgos, built by Charles V. in the 16th century (pictures 1 and 6).