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Revisiting Lisboa Pt. I

During a winter few years ago I had the privilege to live in Lisboa (Lisbon), Portugal. Working a full time job I had the weekends off to discover the city, trying to capture the colours and the spirit of Lisboa on camera. I published the results on this website between late 2014 and early 2015. You’ll find a collection of the series’ right here. My piece about Azulejos, the traditional craft of manufacturing ceramic tiles, is still one of the most clicked articles on this website.

So two months ago I got to get back to the wonderful capital of Portugal once again for a few days and I fell in love again. As I used to do I took my camera bag and roamed freely around the city once again, revisiting parts of the town I already new but also discovering new places like the Convento di Carmo, an abandoned church I haven’t been to before. Of course you never take the same shot twice, there is always a new angle, a new perspective and in this case also a new camera and new lenses.

It felt like a direct continuations of what I did a couple of years before, like I would never have been away really. Also the weather was just perfect for photography in these last days of Iberian summer. I’ve spend some time to curate the new shots and make them into a couple of new series’, which I will release little by little during the following months.


São Miguel

The island of São Miguel is part of the Azores archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean. In contrast to other islands which are situated west to Europe like Madeira or the Canary Islands the Azores are not tropical but look much more like Ireland. Cows and green grass everywhere! I had a chance to visit this beautiful piece of land back in early April and already posted some pictures in June. But there are more of them on my drive, some of them show off the beauty of the island quite well – so I thought I give all of us (well, all of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere) a break from grim winter and put these on the internet. Wish you all a good sylvester party and a happy new year! See you again in January.



Portugal by Night

For the last weeks and months Portugal was the main recurring theme of this project. With this final post the series is coming to an end. In this one I want to show you some impressions of the country by night. Most of the pictures were taken in Lisbon. Night photography is a special challenge, it takes much more work and endurance if there is no natural light at disposal. Patience, a steady hand and a good tripod are a must.









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