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Perspectives on Mythen

Mythen are a distinct mountain range in central Switzerland. It consists of the large Mythen (1898 M.) and small Mythen (1811) and it is a popular destination for hikers and adventure seekers in the country. The views from the top are amazing and on clear days you can see all of Vierwaldstätter lake and the Swiss alps in full glory. The climb requires some stamina, but is doable. On the top there is a small cafe and a cross, at it is tradition in the Alpine countries. But it is not all about the goal of reaching the top, on the way you will have some amazing views and worthwhile experiences with nature. Never forget though to greet other wanderers with a wholehearted “Grüetzi miteinand!”

Days at the Zurich Lake: Part I

Zurich lake is situated in central Switzerland, close to the city of Zurich. It has a length of 40 km and a width of approximately 3 km. Although being situated in an area which is densely populated it is known to be very clean and inhabitants like to use if for a swim or for fishing. It is an important natural habitat and the blue lung of the region Zurich.

Zürich on Lense

Zürich is a modern town with a historic heart in the centre. The city is a perfect blend of contemporary office buildings and historic housing from many different epochs, such as baroque, classicism and gothic. On days with good weather conditions and perfectly blue skies Zürich shines and shows off its variety and history, while still remaining relevant in the modern world.