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Bosnia i Hercegovina

The country of Bosnia i Hercegovina, or shortened Bosnia, is situated in the heart of the Balkans between Serbia und Croatia. During the Balkan wars in the mid of the 1990s it was also in the center of conflict between the different ethnicities and religions of the region. The scars of the wars are still […]


Florence is situated right in the hart of Tuscany, Italy surrounded by the hills of the Apennines. Over the centuries its look was shaped by aristocratic families like the Medici, who not only nurished the arts and sciences in the city, but also understood the power and beauty of architecture. At sunset especially the shades and forms of the city […]


Travelling Fuerteventura you discover a mostly barren and dry land; due to its proximity to Africa and the Sahara the weather here is quite dry, it almost never rains, and the landscape is shaped to a large degree by dunes and deserts. The island is well known for the strong winds hitting it frequently and […]

Greek Series: The Cyclad Islands

The Cyclad islands derive their name from the Greek word for circle – Cyclos. The term refers to the ring-like shape they form within the island archipelago of Greece. If they are a ring indeed the diamond has to be Santorini. The island, actually being the caldera of a Volcano eruption in ancient times, is as […]

Greek Series: The Peloponnes

On the footsteps of Odysseus, just a couple of thousands years later we traveled through Greece. Though we didn’t see any giants or met any sea gods, we visited many beautiful places and saw a great deal of ancient artifacts. Some of which actually may have also been seen by the real person behind the […]

Holland on Bicycle

The best way to discover Holland (which is actually one part of the Netherlands) is by bicycle in spring. Everything is in bloom and due to the even terrain travel by bike is fast and also the usual mean of transport for many people living here. The journey starts usually in Amsterdam, the awesome capital […]


The land of the rising sun is an endearing place, on the one hand it seems familiar because of the Japanese media, anime and video games we consume in the West, but on the other hand the place is very strange and seems different in many ways. Most and foremost Japan is a beautiful country […]


From November 2014 until April 2015 I had the privilege to live and work in the beautiful city of Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. On the weekends I took the opportunity to discover various districts and use my free time for photography. Lisbon – or Lisboa is a great town full of color and history, yet lively and […]

New York

Wandering the nameless and grid-like streets of New York you feel like a particle trapped in some kind of computersystem. The streets being streams of data rushing relentlessly through the motherboard. On the way to midtown the houses become ever larger and you seem to be more and more irrelevant, a lost particle in a […]


In the summer of 2016 I spend a couple of weeks in magnificent Norway. The following photography series are dedicated to this wild yet so endearing country. Nature of Norway Norway in Fog The Far North Land of the Vikings


Porto is truly a magnificent city. Though unmistakably Portuguese, it is quite different from Lisbon. Obviously Porto is much smaller then the sprawling Metropole in the south, but that’s just the obvious difference. While Lisbon is more polished and colorful, Porto has a more rugged feeling – ochre color tones being much more prevalent in the […]


Most travelers of Portugal know Lisbon, some go to the Algarve in the south. Mainly for classic beach vacations in holiday resorts. Not as well known though is the natural and northern part of the country. Laying open to the grand Atlantic Ocean, the Portuguese coast seems endless with steep cliffs and beautiful sand beaches. As the […]


The Romans used to call the country which we know today as Scotland Caledonia. It was a strange and foreign land with dangerous and wild inhabitants at the Northern end of the Roman world. Two immense walls were built by the Roman emperors Hadrian and Antonius to secure Britain from the blue painted warriors – […]

South of the Caucasus

In June 2014 I got the opportunity to visit Georgia and Armenia. These are two rather small countries south of the Caucasus mountain range, equipped with long and dramatic histories. They have distinct cultures with own alphabets and Christian traditions. While Armenia is a landlocked country, a mountainous place, historically depending of trade, Georgia is situated in between the northern […]

Thailand in Late 2019

In November 2019 we embarked on a journey to South East Asia. The country of Thailand turned out to be a marvellous place blessed by the sun and nature, rich in different fruits and animals and inhabited by lovely people and their unique culture. The Golden Palace Tropics of Thailand Travelling Thailand Temples of Thailand […]

The Afternoon Project: London

Being on a conference trip in London in November 2013 for one weekend I didn’t have much spare time to enjoy the city be itself. So there was just one sunday afternoon to dive into the urban jungle of the British capital. Equipped with my camera I wandered around Westminster, Trafalgar up to Paddington where I had […]

The City of Augsburg

In February 2014 I participated in a two-week scholarship program at the University of Augsburg, Germany. The city has a long civic tradition as a place of trade between Germany and Italy, which made Augsburg quite a wealthy town. Although the city suffered a lot of destruction during the second world war, the wealth of historic times […]

The Silk Road

In April 2014 I had the chance to take part in a trip to Central Asia. The country I met, Usbekistan, was as foreign and exotic as it gets. At the same time it was one of the most beautiful and enchanting places I have ever visited. It was truly another world I had the chance to […]

Urban Discoveries

An ongoing series in which we seek and discover new places to dine and to drink in Vienna and around Europe. We are interested in new concepts and ideas giving traditional types of restaurants and cuisines a novel twist. If you are a restaurant owner and interested in a feature please write us an e-mail. […]

Vienna in Late 2013

As the leaves turn yellow and the city gets all gloomy Vienna enters a very special time of the year. It’s the time when Sigmund Freud once walked through the opulent streets of the first district while figuring out the details of dream interpretation, making sense of all the nightmares his patients described to him […]

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