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Susak: The Forgotten Island

Susak is a small island situated offshore Croatia. Today it is inhabited by less than 200 people and a similar number of cats. Wandering through the streets of the only town on the island with the same name you get the feeling of strolling through a forgotten place. There are many empty ruins slowly crumbling down and being taken by nature. Things used to be different in Susak. Until the mid of the 20th century the little island was known for its fertile lands which were used for cultivating wine grapes. The stunning number of 98% of the island was covered by extensive vinyards. Additionally peoples worked as fishermen and in navigation. With the spread of modernity people strived for better living conditions and many left for the US and other parts of the world. Susak became largely deserted and turned to a largely forgotten place with mostly older inhabitants left.

Croatia Off Season

The country of Croatia is situated in the southeast of Europe and is a popular destination for travellers around the word. However, many tourists arrive in the warmer seasons of the year. Coming to the coast of Croatia in winter during a pandemic offers new perspectives on this beautiful country. You get to enjoy empty streets and sea shores, with only some birds and cats quietly watching the waves go by.

Discovering Curicta

Curicta is the former Roman name of the island of Krk. The defensive walls of Curicum were among the most secure of all the towns on the Eastern Adriatic. The island was characterised by fertile lands and the closeness to the sea. Later the island was settled by different people, but the strong ties to Roman history remain.

The Island of Krk

The island of Krk has been historically a center for the Croatian culture. Before the arrival of the slavs a plethora of different people have settled here, such as Illyrian und Roman tribes. All of those cultures made use of the richness of nature by harvesting the fruits of the land and the sea. The prosperity resulted in beautiful fortified towns and a rich heritage, which can be seen all over the island still today.