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The 9th District of Vienna in Fall

Vienna is commonly divided into twenty-three numbered administrative units, one of them being the rather posh 9th district, situated north to the old town. Living in Vienna, I am seldomly visiting this part of the city, so in the fall I used a sunny and quiet Monday afternoon to have a walk in the streets and parks of this charming neighbourhood.

The Emperors Retreat: Architecture of Bad Ischl

Bad Ischl in Upper Austria used to be the favorite retreat for the ruling family of the Austrian Empire. The Habsburg family liked it so much that they bought property here and many other wealthy families followed suit. Hence, in the end of the 19th century many beautiful and spacious villas were built in different styles, such as classicist, art deco and traditional. Furthermore, there is a plethora of interesting churches and administrative buildings in Bad Ischl worth visiting.

Discovering Bad Aussee

Bad Aussee is one of these special spots on our planet you won’t forget having been there once. It will lurk you back eventually with its beauty and its remoteness. The lake is situated in the Styrian part of the so called “Salzkammergut”, a region in Austria historically linked to the mining and trade of salt. Bad Aussee is a retreat town with a beautiful lake close by and distinguishable by a certain kind of Alpine architecture called Bad Aussee style. It is not too touristy and a perfect spot to spend one day or a longer vacation.

Waters of Austria

A little known fact about Austria is that it is one of the places in the world which are very rich in natural water sources. Water is used as drinking water and for agriculture, but also as an enormous source of power. Also, the water streams in the Alps are very beautiful and there are numerous impressive waterfalls to be discovered.

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