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Würzburg in Fall

Coming to Würzburg in fall, you have the chance to experience the city in beautiful warm colours. Wandering the numerous parks and gardens of the city, you get the feeling of being in an autumn wonderland of sorts. In the midst of the spectacle, we find beautiful historic buildings which add to the picturesque looks in this particular time of the year.

Monuments of Würzburg

The city of Würzburg is situated in the heart of Germany at the river Main. It is blessed with many historic monuments, such as the baroque Residence or the medieval Old Main Bridge. Situated at the river upon a hill, we find the Marienburg castle with a magnificent view over the old town. In the background we can spot vineyards as far as the eye can see, due to the region being an important agricultural center for wine.

At the Northern Shore: Germany and the North Sea

In relation to other European nations Germany is a big country with some interesting features. While the south of Germany is bordering with the Alps and is in parts quite mountainous, the north is a very different place. Not many know that the country lays ashore not to one large body of water but two. There is the more quiet and enclosed Baltic Sea in the east and the more wide and open Northern Sea in the west. At the shore there are endless sand beaches and many quiet islands to relax with these unique colourful beach chairs. The most interesting feature though is most probably the wadden sea (last three pictures). It is a kind of a muddy place which is flooded twice a day and reaches at some points deep into the sea. The wadden is one of the most diverse bio habitats on earth and home to many micro organisms because it is biologically very rich in nutrients. Also it is home to the sandworm and to many kind of birds.


Discovering Lübeck

Lübeck is a town in Northern Germany, once the great capital of the Hanse, a union of merchants in the middle ages which dominated trade in the Baltic seas for many centuries. So the city was also called the Queen of the Hanse and it’s inhabitants used to be wealthy and influential. Many beautiful buildings, especially churches, were built in these blooming years. Lübeck has a beautiful and well preserved historic inner town with a lot of water surrounding it, which makes for nice perspectives. The photographies were shot in September 2019.