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Seagulls of Norway

Photographed in 2019.


Travelling Rome

Having been in Rome many times before, the Italian capital is one of these European cities you come back again and again. Sure it is the history of this ancient place which can be vividly experienced at every corner and in every street, it is also the Italian culture with it’s exquisite cuisine, the delicious wine and the so called dolce vita – the sweet life, which the Romans like to celebrate today as much as they used to in ancient times. Overall though it is a certain feeling of surprise and novelty when travelling to Rome, altough you think you know the city. The truth is it is impossible to “know” this place, as there are always new streets, new sculptures and churches to discover. Also Rome is an ever-changing metropolis of new bars, restaurants and cultural venues.


Streets of Salonique

The city of Salonique in Northern Greece is the ancient capital of Macedonia, best known for Alexander the Great. For many centuries it used to be a melting point of different religions and ethnicities. Turks, Jews and Greeks lived together in a relative harmony. Today Salonique is part of Greece and a modern city with a vivid nightlife and busy streets. Some impressions from October 2019.


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