Travelling Fuerteventura you discover a mostly barren and dry land; due to its proximity to Africa and the Sahara the weather here is quite dry, it almost never rains, and the landscape is shaped to a large degree by dunes and deserts. The island is well known for the strong winds hitting it frequently and making for strong waves. In fact the name Fuerteventura itself points to this natural phenomenon as it means nothing else than strong wind. Nothing would suggest that people live here, but in fact they do. Not only that, also many visitors come here to discover are more laid back and adventurous version of the Canary islands. The series was shot in November 2018.

Island of Eternal Spring

The Lighthouse at the End of the Road

Dusts of Fuerteventura

Views of El Cotillo

Natura of Fuerteventura

Discovering Fuerteventura

Travelling Fuerteventura

Island of Strong Winds