Most travelers of Portugal know Lisbon, some go to the Algarve in the south. Mainly for classic beach vacations in holiday resorts. Not as well known though is the natural and northern part of the country.

Laying open to the grand Atlantic Ocean, the Portuguese coast seems endless with steep cliffs and beautiful sand beaches. As the sea is in the west, the sunsets are especially beautiful and vivid. At this time of the day sailing ships tend to roam the horizon, even enhancing the kitschy scenery. Probably you will have a companionship of seagulls around you, they seem to enjoy the sunsets as much as the humans.

Even less known is the “hinterland”. Especially the north of the country offers a lot to the backpacker with high mountain ranges and magnificent castles. There are some great historic cities to discover too like the lively student town of Coimbra.

A special treasure of Portugal are the Azore islands in the middle of the Atlantic, surrounded by a seemingly endless blue ocean.

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