As the leaves turn yellow and the city gets all gloomy Vienna enters a very special time of the year. It’s the time when Sigmund Freud once walked through the opulent streets of the first district while figuring out the details of dream interpretation, making sense of all the nightmares his patients described to him before. In the dawning light of the setting sun, glimmering through the trees going baldly ever more, the Viennese soul seems to shine through. It’s the time when citizens take the tram and pilgrim to the Central Cemetery, an opulent display of the morbid fascination of Viennese with death, visiting the grand graves of the old masters of Viennese culture and pay tribute. Then life and history seem to take it’s natural route in a fateful way and the fallen leaves begin to cover the broad and oversized sidewalks of the historic Ringstraße, a monument of the past and faded glory of the city in the beginning 19th hundred. By the end of November the mood begins to lighten again, as the Christmas markets open and everyone is heading to the next punch stand while slowly getting in holiday mood.

“Der Tod muss ein Wiener sein” Viennese Central Cemetery Part I


“Der Tod muss ein Wiener sein” Viennese Central Cemetery Part II


Stadtpark of Vienna in Autumn


Vienna in Black and White


Colors of Autumn in Vienna


Viennese Prater by Night


Photographing the new WU University Campus