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The Thermaic Gulf

The city of Thessaloniki is situated at the Gulf of Therma, which is part of the larger Aegean Sea. Sometimes also called Gulf of Salonika or Macedonian Gulf. It is a busy body of water with many transiting container ships. Some impressions from November 2019.


Streets of Salonique

The city of Salonique in Northern Greece is the ancient capital of Macedonia, best known for Alexander the Great. For many centuries it used to be a melting point of different religions and ethnicities. Turks, Jews and Greeks lived together in a relative harmony. Today Salonique is part of Greece and a modern city with a vivid nightlife and busy streets. Some impressions from October 2019.


Discovering the Capital of the North

Tromsö is the largest city in Northern Norway. 77.000 people live here depending on the season either in bright daylight around the clock or in a seemingly never ending night. Tromsö is an important center for the discovery of the arctic regions and a popular destination for hunters of the northers lights. Also it happens to be home to the most northern brewery in the world – Mack Beer.