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Kyoto Shrines

The city of Kyoto is well known as the former imperial capital of the country, also titled the thousand-year capital. Also it is a religious epicentre of Japan with over 2,000 places of worship, among them Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples. Kyoto was on the American target list as a possible detonation site for the first range of atomic bombs which destroyed Nagasaki and Hiroshima, but was saved in the last minute by a diplomat who new the city and wanted to save it as a cultural treasure for humanity. If you plan a Japan trip make sure to stop in Kyoto. There is a lot see and if you have time you can easily spend here four or five full days.


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The Art of Sumo

Sumo is a Japanese form of ring fighting, where one massive wrestlers tries to force the other one out of the ring. The fight is part of the Japanese cultural heritage and the Sumo ringers are regarded as stars and national heroes in the country. The Sumo Ring hall of Ryogkoku is commonly understood as the birth place of the sport and is still the most important competition site. Once a year at the day of the Tenno on April 29th the hall is open to the public free of charge. On this day it is possible to watch the most famous Sumo ringers of the country on training. The following pictures were taken in 2016.