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retrospective: lisbon in instagrams

At the time writing this we are living in truly weird times. There is a global pandemic ravaging the world, causing a lot of sadness and grief, but also turning our lives upside down. As someone who travels a lot, both for leisure and for work, the closure of the borders is a major change in my life. I had a lot of plans for travels and also for this website, which are canceled or on hold for now. But you have to see the upsides as well. There is a feeling of change in the air, of reflection and rethinking. Now we have the time to ask ourselves: What is important and what do we truly need? The future seems more uncertain than ever before.

A good time for a retrospection. For many years I was quite active on instagram and I liked the very distinct square format. Intentionally I kept it very separate from this website, because I didn’t think the shots were fitting for desktop screens. But having time at home I am sorting my library and I like the instagram format for some shots, so I decided to do some collections. Let’s start with a country and city which is very close to me. Selected impressions of Lisbon, Portugal in 2014.

The Golden Palace

The Golden Palace is actually the Grand Palace in Bangkok, former seat of the Thai kings situated in the centre of the city. Today the king resided in another palace in Bangkok and the Grand Palace is open to visitors. If you happen to visit Bangkok it is definitely worth to see, the buildings are rich in art and covered in gold. There are a lot of people and you don’t have it for yourself, also the entrance fee is quite high but nonetheless a must see.


Streets of Bangkok

The streets of Bangkok are busy. The law of the strongest applies here and it does not favour pedestrians. Basically you just have to cross the street and hope for the best. The same applies to Tuk Tuks, small basically self made Taxis. There is a saying in Bangkok: “If you aren’t able to pass your driving exam, you drive Tuk Tuk!”. Still it’s part of the experience and definitely a nice way to get to know the city. Usually you have a Tuk Tuk for a whole day and it brings you to the major sights, just be careful if it seems to cheap (20 Bat), because then some drivers like to bring you to suit shops first to cash in some commission.


Spiritual Thailand

Thailand is a deeply spiritual country. Most of the inhabitants are Buddhists, though there is a significant Muslim population in the south of the country close to the border to Malaysia. Bangkok in particular is a very interesting place to discover Thai Buddhist temples, also called Wat. There are many forms of Buddha statues as well as depictions of demons to see and a lot of gold and colour in general.