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The Golden Palace

The Golden Palace is actually the Grand Palace in Bangkok, former seat of the Thai kings situated in the centre of the city. Today the king resided in another palace in Bangkok and the Grand Palace is open to visitors. If you happen to visit Bangkok it is definitely worth to see, the buildings are rich in art and covered in gold. There are a lot of people and you don’t have it for yourself, also the entrance fee is quite high but nonetheless a must see.


Discovering Bangkok

Bangkok with its eight million inhabitants is the sprawling capital of Thailand. A multifaceted metropole with modern districts and high rise buildings, but also traditional Asian houses with twisted streets and channels. There are many Buddhist temples to discover and amazing street food around every second corner. Bangkok is a loud and noisy city for sure, but inhabitants and visitors alike can rest in the city parks and enjoy large lizards casually crossing the walkways. A city of many wonders for sure.