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The Shores of Lake Como

Im summer the shores of lake Como are covered by beautiful nature and flowers in all the different colours. The lake and its surroundings seem to bee alive and breathing in this particular time of the year. In opposition to many other places in Italy it isn’t too hot either, the climate is temperate and is inviting for a long walk along the shore to enjoy the unique scenery.

Exploring Bellagio

Bellagio was always famous for its unique location, situated at the shore of lake Como on a peninsula. A beautiful town full of life and full of flowers; it offers visitors incredible cuisine and beautiful architecture to explore. Although being a well known place the locals are helpful and always smiling. Como is pure Italy and a gem in the north of the country you shouldn’t miss.

Discovering Lake Como

Lake Como is situated in northern Italy and is one of the largest bodies of water in the country. It is well known for its beautiful towns and spacious villas. In summer when it’s unbearably hot in many parts of the country Italian people like to retreat to Como for relaxation in a more temperate climate. Already in ancient times the lake was known for splendid summer houses. Today the lake remains a popular travel destination all around the year for Italians and international guests alike.

Perspectives on Mythen

Mythen are a distinct mountain range in central Switzerland. It consists of the large Mythen (1898 M.) and small Mythen (1811) and it is a popular destination for hikers and adventure seekers in the country. The views from the top are amazing and on clear days you can see all of Vierwaldst├Ątter lake and the Swiss alps in full glory. The climb requires some stamina, but is doable. On the top there is a small cafe and a cross, at it is tradition in the Alpine countries. But it is not all about the goal of reaching the top, on the way you will have some amazing views and worthwhile experiences with nature. Never forget though to greet other wanderers with a wholehearted “Gr├╝etzi miteinand!”