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Squares of 2016 (Part II)

Photographies in square format from 2016.

retrospective of 2015

Moments captured in 2015.

Capital of an Empire

Rome today is an economic oriented and liberal European city much like Paris, Madrid or Prague. It offers its residents and visitors alike all advantages of metropoles like a vibrant nightlife or shopping streets. Beneath this Rome though lies another city, an ancient behemoth and important cradle of Western civilisation – the capital of a forgone Empire which spanned almost the whole of Europe and the Mediterranean, at the same time being an antipode to the similarly developed Chinese Empire in the far east. Ancient Rome was a metropole of grandiosity with large temples and treasures beyond imagination, where gladiators fought in large stadiums to entertain the masses and the corrupt political elite discussed the faith of the continent in glamorous bath houses or while watching chariot races in the Circus Maximus. A city with paved streets in grid like arrangements, multi storied residential buildings, working sewerages and roofed shopping centers. Maybe not so different from the year 2020 after all.


Travelling Rome

Having been in Rome many times before, the Italian capital is one of these European cities you come back again and again. Sure it is the history of this ancient place which can be vividly experienced at every corner and in every street, it is also the Italian culture with it’s exquisite cuisine, the delicious wine and the so called dolce vita – the sweet life, which the Romans like to celebrate today as much as they used to in ancient times. Overall though it is a certain feeling of surprise and novelty when travelling to Rome, altough you think you know the city. The truth is it is impossible to “know” this place, as there are always new streets, new sculptures and churches to discover. Also Rome is an ever-changing metropolis of new bars, restaurants and cultural venues.


A Walk in Svolvaer

In a global view Svolvaer may be just a little town, but in regards to the Lofoten islands in Northern Norway Svolvaer with its 5.000 inhabitants is truly a metropolis. The people of the region come here for shopping and for administrative duties. Moreover it is a cute town with nice parks and many colourful houses. Some impressions from a walk in July 2019.


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