From November 2014 until April 2015 I had the privilege to live and work in the beautiful city of Lisbon, the capital of Portugal. On the weekends I took the opportunity to discover various districts and use my free time for photography. Lisbon – or Lisboa is a great town full of color and history, yet lively and young at the same time. While surely being a metropole it still maintained the character of a smaller town. I collected the memories and out of many thousand of pictures I assembled twelve series focusing on different aspects of the city. So for example you’ll find a series about the Tejo river, collections of Azulejo photography, black and white pictures and a series dedicated to the architecture of the town. Come with me and discover Lisboa!

Update 5th of January 2018: In 2017 I returned to the wonderful Lisbon for a couple of days, wandering through the streets with my camera once more bringing back old memories and discovering new corners of the city. These series now are included in this project.

Discovering Lisboa


Lisbon in Color


Photographing Lisbon Part I


Photographing Lisbon Part II


Streets of Lisbon


A Walk along the Tejo


Perspectives of Lisbon

Azulejos of Lisbon


Lisbon in Focus


Lisbon in Monochrome


Architecture of Lisbon


On a Rainy Day in Lisboa


Sunset in Lisboa

Revisiting Lisbon: Convento di Carmo

Lisboa Urbana: The City of Fado

Revisiting Lisboa

Revisiting Lisboa II

Lisbon in Color 2017