Olá Portugal! It’s almost two weeks now since I moved to beautiful Lisboa. Besides of the training for the job I started, there was a lot of administrative stuff to get done. But now things get settled more and more. There are still a lot of shots left from the last months I want to put on here in the upcoming weeks. But since I am posting now from Portugal I think it is appropriate to get back with a couple of pictures from my new home town 🙂

So basically it’s rain season now. There are nice days too, but there is a lot of rain and moist and mist (though it doesn’t really get could, no dear Portuguese people 15 C° does definitely not count as cold). Still, or maybe even more so, the city is as beautiful and charming as I remember her from my last trips. It’s a joy to be here for a longer period of time. I feel grateful.


IMG_1016 2