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Perspectives on Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva is a water of body situated at the border of Switzerland with France. It has a surface area of 580.03 km2 and is surrounded by major cities, such as Geneve, Lausanne and Montreux. The pictures below were shot in Montreux, Switzerland.

Details of Bern

Looking closer there are many details to discover in the city on Bern. Particularly the medieval structures, such as the civic hall and the cathedral offer many interesting perspectives. Additionally, there are some interesting fountains and historic sculptures scattered all across the old town of Bern.

Discovering Curicta

Curicta is the former Roman name of the island of Krk. The defensive walls of Curicum were among the most secure of all the towns on the Eastern Adriatic. The island was characterised by fertile lands and the closeness to the sea. Later the island was settled by different people, but the strong ties to Roman history remain.

The Island of Krk

The island of Krk has been historically a center for the Croatian culture. Before the arrival of the slavs a plethora of different people have settled here, such as Illyrian und Roman tribes. All of those cultures made use of the richness of nature by harvesting the fruits of the land and the sea. The prosperity resulted in beautiful fortified towns and a rich heritage, which can be seen all over the island still today.

The Monastery Island

Košljun is a small island situated close to Punat at the shore of the Croatian island of Krk. In Roman times there was a villa rustica (country house), later in the middle ages monks from the order of St. Benedictine founded a monastery on the little island. Besides of a church and the convent buildings, which still exist and can be visited, it is quite a green and diverse landmass. There are dense forests, meadows and mediterranean gardens.

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