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The Highlands in Rain

The sun is scarce in the far north. Even when travelling in summer there are many days filled with fog and rain clouds. Weather conditions can change fast and drastically. But the dramatic skies seen so often in the highlands make for an interesting atmosphere fitting the remarkable and somewhat crass landscapes and rich histories filled with bloody clan feuds and brave, yet failed national rebellions against the English. Bad weather just seems to underscore the beauty of the country, other places on Earth need the sun to shine, Scotland though doesn’t need any endorsement from above and looks fine even in heavy rain.


On a Rainy Day in Lisboa

Olá Portugal! It’s almost two weeks now since I moved to beautiful Lisboa. Besides of the training for the job I started, there was a lot of administrative stuff to get done. But now things get settled more and more. There are still a lot of shots left from the last months I want to put on here in the upcoming weeks. But since I am posting now from Portugal I think it is appropriate to get back with a couple of pictures from my new home town 🙂

So basically it’s rain season now. There are nice days too, but there is a lot of rain and moist and mist (though it doesn’t really get could, no dear Portuguese people 15 C° does definitely not count as cold). Still, or maybe even more so, the city is as beautiful and charming as I remember her from my last trips. It’s a joy to be here for a longer period of time. I feel grateful.


IMG_1016 2