The blog is up and running again!

This year and a good part of 2020, it was pretty silent on here. For a short time, the website was down altogether. There are a couple of reasons, many of those in connection to the Covid Crisis. Most importantly, though, I had no creative energy left for photography. The circumstances are changing, and as the world is beginning to open up again, my motivation for attempting creative endeavors is coming back as well – slowly but surely. A more hands-on reason for updates is new gear. I switched from a Canon 70D to Sony. A Sony C7, to be precise. It has some advantages for travel and landscape photography because of its handiness. For now, I just have one travel lens, so it is a new experience and a little bit of a challenge to focus solely on photography with one particular lens (although the range is quite wide, to be fair). Anyway, the point is: is back and will be updated regularly from now on. I will try to stick to a once-per-week update scheme, but we will see how things will go from here. 

I want to start with a trip to Zell am See and Kaprun, which I will cover in separate albums. The first one is dedicated to the town of Kaprun, which is lovely by itself. Situated in the midst of the Austrian alps, it offers fantastic views of the surrounding mountain ranges and the characteristic charm of a traditional town in this region of Europe. Although the weather was unusually cold and cloudy at our time of visit in May, the few rays of sunshine were sufficient to shine a light on the beautiful nature of the region.