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Changing Colours

The colours of the city are changing as the cold season approaches.
The eternal cycle of life and death continues and nature is shutting down to awake anew in a couple of months, allowing for some quite time of reflection and gratitude.


Austria in Fall

When travelling Austria in October there is a certain mood setting over the country. The heat of summer is over and nature is beginning to prepare for a more harsh season of the year. Still the weather can be pretty nice with blue skies and a more milder, gentler sun. The leaves begin to fall and brown and yellow colours are laying over the landscape. Autumn is here and it is the perfect time for a walk in the hills.


Colors of Autumn in Vienna

Actually this is one is kind of “The Viennese Central Cemetery Part 2,5” or call it the outtakes. Two shots I really liked but which didn’t fit into. On the second picture you see the fabolous Karl-Borrom√§us church in the center of the cemetery.¬†Plus another shot from the streets of Vienna capturing the colors of autumn.