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The 9th District of Vienna in Fall

Vienna is commonly divided into twenty-three numbered administrative units, one of them being the rather posh 9th district, situated north to the old town. Living in Vienna, I am seldomly visiting this part of the city, so in the fall I used a sunny and quiet Monday afternoon to have a walk in the streets and parks of this charming neighbourhood.

Austria in Fall

When travelling Austria in October there is a certain mood setting over the country. The heat of summer is over and nature is beginning to prepare for a more harsh season of the year. Still the weather can be pretty nice with blue skies and a more milder, gentler sun. The leaves begin to fall and brown and yellow colours are laying over the landscape. Autumn is here and it is the perfect time for a walk in the hills.


Colors of Autumn in Vienna

Actually this is one is kind of “The Viennese Central Cemetery Part 2,5” or call it the outtakes. Two shots I really liked but which didn’t fit into. On the second picture you see the fabolous Karl-Borrom√§us church in the center of the cemetery.¬†Plus another shot from the streets of Vienna capturing the colors of autumn.