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Views of Norway

The beautiful country of Norway on photography. Shot in July 2019.


Waters of Norway

Norway is a country of immense wealth. Of course this is true concerning national income, but also and more importantly in regards to national resources. The most important one is simply .. water. The norse people lived for eons from the water, they were fisherman and used water to sail to foreign countries (sure also rob and make war here and there) and come back to the fjords safely. Today water energy is the main source of power in Norway and there is capacity for many more renewable power plants. The reason for this wealth in water lies in the geography of the country. During the last ice age the country was covered by ice with kilometres in thickness. 10.000 years ago the ice melted down in the ancient valleys beneath. The water began to fill these valleys and stream into the sea, such creating the fjords. Due to the tides being especially strong in these fjords there is immense energy in these bodies of water up until today.


Travelling North

When travelling north to Scandinavia you begin to gather an understanding for the vastness of our planet and how many places there are still without any human population. Nature can roam freely here. Though at the same time the human made infrastructure, being roads, tunnels or even high speed internet, is superb and links even the most far away places to the population centres to the south. The beautiful bridges seem to integrate perfectly in to the nature, but make no mistake nature itself is the undisputed star here.


The North Cape

At the latitude of 71° 10′ 21″ in Norway there is an island called Magerøya, a seemingly barren land with no trees and harsh weather conditions. The most northern tip of the island consists of a heavy rock reaching into the Arctic sea widely known as North Cape, the most northern part of Europe. I had the chance to visit this place a couple of times before but I saw it as most of the visitors experience the North Cape: With heavy fog and strong winds and slim chances to see the midnight sun. In July 2019 though this changed for me and I was finally able to see our home star on a blanket slate of a clear blue sky in the middle of the night.

The phenomenon occurs during the white nights in summer when the sun is not setting down, around midnight it reaches it’s lowest point on the horizon but is still shining brightly. It looks almost like a sunset, just that the sun is never setting behind the horizon and is getting up again. In these special and somewhat spiritual nights there is no darkness and this barren land seems to be alive like no other place. You see all the birds feeding of the waters, which are still rich in fish and sea animals. And there are reindeer grassing everywhere on the island, eating their beloved reindeer veil, which grows everywhere on Magerøya and is like candy for these animals.