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Minor Detail: Vienna in Early 2017, Pt. 2

Fragments captured while absorbing scarce beams of light on the rather dark and cloudy days of late winter and early spring in Vienna. A part of this is dedicated to all the beautiful fonts which can be found while walking the town.



Land of the Vikings

With all advantages of modernity living in the far north is still full of challenges. The deep fjords and steep surrounding hills make it difficult to reach the hinterland, that’s why Norway is investing a lot of money in tunnels and bridges to connect also the most remote village to the urban centers of the country. While in summer the days are long, in winter the nights are never ending as well. But the fjords also have their advantages, that’s why people settled here already many thousand years ago and that’s also why the Vikings as a society flourished in the middle ages. First and foremost the fjord land is very fertile, even fruits and vegetables can grow here. We speak about a country which is situated as far in the north as Canada. The reason for the favorable climate is the gulf stream, which makes northern Europe unusual warm. Also the fjords were perfectly secured against intruders and allowed for remote but also secure villages. At the same time the location of these settlements made it necessary to develop ships and make them better. It is no coincidence that the Vikings were the first European people to set foot in America.


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The City of Thousand Windows: Berati

Berati is situated in southern Albania and well known for its history and architecture. Founded in the 9th century it was always a hotspot for different religions, up until today Christians and Muslims live peacefully in the town. Famous though is Berati mostly for its stone buildings, situated close alongside each other on a hillside facing the river Ishull. Visually striking are the large windows on these houses, so Berati also got the name “The City of Thousand Windows”.


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Exploring Florence


Florence is situated right in the hart of Tuscany, Italy surrounded by the hills of the Apennines. Over the centuries its look was shaped by aristocratic families like the Medici, who not only nurished the arts and sciences in the city, but also understood the power and beauty of architecture. At sunset especially the shades and forms of the city seem to come alive and paint a living picture.


Azulejos of Lisbon

The capital of Azulejos is without any doubt Lisbon. Just to remind you, Azulejos are thin-glazed ceramic tiles covering many historic buildings in Portugal. Last time I presented them to you I featured Azulejos from all of Portugal. This time though I want to lay my focus on the capital of the country. Azulejos come in all sorts of forms and colors, the variety is really remarkable. Though if you look closely there are differences within the country (I have no scientific proof for my bold hypothesis). The patterns in Northern Portugal tend to my more flowery and very often they are composed of earthy and grounded colors while in Lisboa there are definitely more bright colors and the style is more geometric.