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Scotland in 2014

Since 2014 I had the chance to visit Scotland many times. Recently I had the chance to review the photography I shot there in 2014 and realised I had published just a few shots from this particular year, but there were interesting pictures left which I hadn’t uploaded yet. So before I post more recent photographies from Scotland from 2018 I wanted to go back in time and post more of these first formative impressions of Scotland. They are the reason I felt so much in love with this country.


The Far North

The far north of Europe is actually pretty fortunate regarding the weather. The reason being the Gulf stream which makes it possible to cultivate even fruits around the Norwegian fjords (pictures 2, 6). Though if you go uphill from the fjords your surroundings change pretty quickly and you will experience marvellous but very alien ice deserts like the Hardangervidda (picture 1). That’s planet Hoth from Star Wars Episode V by the way – the scenes were shot there. One of the biggest and historically most important towns in the far north of Europe is Bergen at the North Sea. For centuries it was an important port and a center of commerce, especially regarding the trade with fish. Today it is a lovely student town with a lot of culture and museums (pictures 3, 4 and 5).


img_2986-1 img_3143 img_4056 img_3589 img_3585

In the Shadow of Ararat: Armenia

This one is a continuation to the last entry “The Churches of Georgia“, which I posted a couple of days ago. After leaving Georgia in southern direction the scenery changes quite suddenly. Georgia is a country consisting mostly of fertile lowlands and highlands rich in vegetation. Armenia in contrast is situated on a higher altitude, laying within a geological high plateau, which is much older then the hills in Georgia and much more rocky. In many places these rocks tend to shine in a red color, giving the landscape an astonishing look (see pictures three and six). Even the capital Yerevan seems to fit perfectly into the landscape, being build mostly out of reddish stone gathered from the surrounding areas (pictures one and two). There is no denial Armenia is a beautiful place. But the most breathtaking feature is the view on something actually situated outside of the borders of the country. The mountain of Ararat lies like a guardian upon the land and the view on the snow covered giant (5.137 m or 16,854 ft) is one of the most beautiful things you can see in your life (picture five). Being the supposed landing sight of Noahs ark, for the Armenians it is a spiritual place and deeply embedded within the national soul. Today the Ararat is situated in Turkey, making it an always visible reminder of the painful and complicated history in relation to the western neighbor.