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Perspectives on Lake Geneva

Lake Geneva is a water of body situated at the border of Switzerland with France. It has a surface area of 580.03 km2 and is surrounded by major cities, such as Geneve, Lausanne and Montreux. The pictures below were shot in Montreux, Switzerland.

Details of Bern

Looking closer there are many details to discover in the city on Bern. Particularly the medieval structures, such as the civic hall and the cathedral offer many interesting perspectives. Additionally, there are some interesting fountains and historic sculptures scattered all across the old town of Bern.

The Heart of Switzerland: Bern

There are only two countries in the world without a capital, Switzerland being one of them. Unofficially though the city of Bern, situated in the heart of the Alpine country, is considered to be the political center of the nation. Located on a peninsula which is engulfed by the Aare river, the old town of Bern is vast and beautiful. Particularly striking are the characteristic rooftops and pergolas.