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Streets of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of my favourite cities in Europe. It’s a town I come back to as often as I am able to. I love the open minded atmosphere there and the friendly people, how there are no curtains in front of the windows because you simply don’t need any to hide things away. Life happens on the streets of course, and there is a lot of it buzzing around. Bicycles are everywhere and it doesn’t matter if it’s an older person or a father with his kids or just somebody on her way to work, everybody seems to ride their bikes with great joy, passing by the many channels of Amsterdam while kicking the pedals.


Bicycles of Japan

Sure in terms of bicycles there are far more crazy places in the world like Amsterdam for example, or Kopenhagen or some other places in Asia. But sill Japanese people seem to love their bikes, you see businessmen, older people and teenagers alike riding the streets with style and grace (although being tired sometimes). A collage.


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