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Streetphotography in 2014

Shot in Istanbul, Lisbon and Austria.

A Tale of two Cathedrals

The cathedrals of Salisbury and Winchester are masterpieces of Gothic architecture in England. Usually I don’t mix styles within one series of photographies, though for this one I decided otherwise because some of these shots need the contrast and clarity of black and white while others demand for colour and light. As these buildings themselves offer stark contrasts to the modern world they are situated in today so do this pictures with one another highlighting different perspectives of this wonderful architecture.


Kracow 2017 AD

Usually I don’t use as much processing but looking at my pictures from Cracow last year I felt inspired to work on them a bit. Especially interesting for me seemed the red colours of the historic buildings of the city and I searched for a way to bring them more to the front, wile giving the pictures at the same time a more classic black and white look. Three of them (pictures 1, 3, 4) show the Wawel, being the former castle hill of the Polish kings and an important national monument of the country.