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São Miguel

The island of São Miguel is part of the Azores archipelago in the Atlantic Ocean. In contrast to other islands which are situated west to Europe like Madeira or the Canary Islands the Azores are not tropical but look much more like Ireland. Cows and green grass everywhere! I had a chance to visit this beautiful piece of land back in early April and already posted some pictures in June. But there are more of them on my drive, some of them show off the beauty of the island quite well – so I thought I give all of us (well, all of us who live in the Northern Hemisphere) a break from grim winter and put these on the internet. Wish you all a good sylvester party and a happy new year! See you again in January.



On a Farm in the Midst of the Sea

In the midst of the Atlantic Ocean between the land masses of North America and Europe there are some sprinkled islands of volcanic origins called the Azores. If you want to find them on a map you probably need a pair of glasses. While they seem to disappear in the vast blue surrounding them, the inhabitants are there withstanding the forces of the ocean for many hundred of years already, living mostly of agriculture carried out on the rich volcanic soil of the islands. Products from the Azores like milk and cheese are well known for their quality in mainland Portugal, to which the nine islands belong politically. Also there is some tourism. Since 2015 Ryan Air is operating flights to the islands from Lisbon and Porto. Together with a friend we seized the opportunity and took a flight to the main island of São Miguel. We travelled the island by bike and by public busses mostly. Cruising through green landscapes and passing by cattle, visiting small villages and meeting friendly people. Always on the canvas of a vast endless ocean.


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