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Waters of Norway

Norway is a country of immense wealth. Of course this is true concerning national income, but also and more importantly in regards to national resources. The most important one is simply .. water. The norse people lived for eons from the water, they were fisherman and used water to sail to foreign countries (sure also rob and make war here and there) and come back to the fjords safely. Today water energy is the main source of power in Norway and there is capacity for many more renewable power plants. The reason for this wealth in water lies in the geography of the country. During the last ice age the country was covered by ice with kilometres in thickness. 10.000 years ago the ice melted down in the ancient valleys beneath. The water began to fill these valleys and stream into the sea, such creating the fjords. Due to the tides being especially strong in these fjords there is immense energy in these bodies of water up until today.