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Focus on Zürich

The city of Zürich is the largest town of Switzerland, situated in the heart of the country. Albeit not the formal capital, Zürich is the economic center of the country and constitutes the most important transportation hub. Moreover, it is a rich city with a rich a wide range of cultural venues and a high quality of life overall.

Würzburg in Fall

Coming to Würzburg in fall, you have the chance to experience the city in beautiful warm colours. Wandering the numerous parks and gardens of the city, you get the feeling of being in an autumn wonderland of sorts. In the midst of the spectacle, we find beautiful historic buildings which add to the picturesque looks in this particular time of the year.

Monuments of Würzburg

The city of Würzburg is situated in the heart of Germany at the river Main. It is blessed with many historic monuments, such as the baroque Residence or the medieval Old Main Bridge. Situated at the river upon a hill, we find the Marienburg castle with a magnificent view over the old town. In the background we can spot vineyards as far as the eye can see, due to the region being an important agricultural center for wine.

The 9th District of Vienna in Fall

Vienna is commonly divided into twenty-three numbered administrative units, one of them being the rather posh 9th district, situated north to the old town. Living in Vienna, I am seldomly visiting this part of the city, so in the fall I used a sunny and quiet Monday afternoon to have a walk in the streets and parks of this charming neighbourhood.