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A Day in Denmark

Shot on a beautiful last summer day in 2019 in Møgeltønder and Løgumkloster.


The Architecture of Castile

During the middle ages and especially in the early modern period, when Spain conquered large parts of the world, Castile as heartland of the Iberian peninsula used to be one of the richest places on earth. Evidence to this period can still be seen in the immense architectural wealth of the region. Many town have grandiose gothic cathedrals like for example Burgos (pictures 3 and 5) or even smaller beautiful churches like the Convento de Santa Teresa de Jesús in Avila (pictures 2 and 4). Particularly impressive is the “Arco de Santa María” city gate in Burgos, built by Charles V. in the 16th century (pictures 1 and 6).


A Journey through England

England is a particularly rich country when it comes to history and traditions. There are old mansions and ruins scattered all through the country, surrounded very often by beautiful nature and accompanied by lovely gardens. Especially nice is South England, which consists of an interesting and sometimes even weird looking coast lines. Get yourself a nice cup of tea, find a place with a great view and enjoy yourself!


The Algarve

Although I travelled Portugal extensively, curiously I never have been to the Algarve, the southern coast of the country, before. I must admit I had my prejudices. This part of the country, it seemed to me, was reserved for the sun seeking mass tourist. Northern Portugal seemed much more mysterious and interesting to me. It was the road less travelled. But boy – was I missing out! The Algarve with it’s white architecture glowing in the sunlight seems like a natural extension to the Portugal I know. Sure there are tourists but at this time of the year (beginning of May) not more than in Lisboa. Give it a try!


Portugal on Lens

Over the years Portugal became a country and a topic I revisit now and then. Again I had the chance to travel to this beautiful Iberian country and shoot some photography there. This time around though I had no access to my usual set up (Canon 70D with Tamron lens), but had to borrow equipment from my girlfriend. It was interesting to shoot with a different camera than I got used to. The Sony SLT-a77 is not as advanced as my Canon of course but it has some merits. I liked the the viewfinder and the shots are per default more wide which make them slightly more cinematic. The first series is kind of a highlight reel of the week I got to spend in different parts of the country. From first to last picture the locations are: Lisboa (bridge of the 25th of April), Capo da Rocca, Cascais, Fatimá, Óbidos.


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