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“A Nice Place To Die” Short

A friend of mine shot her first short (Chrissi aka “Spielberg” Wallmüller as I call her from now on). It’s a thrilling murder story set in Vienna with an interesting plot. I really enjoyed it. If you have a couple of minutes to spare check it out! 🙂

City in Construction: Seestadt at Sunset

On the sight of a former airfield a new city planned from scratch is being build to accommodate thousands of new people Vienna is expected to grow by in the upcoming decade. A city within the city basically. Seestadt translated in English means lake city and is named due to the artificial lake which will be in the center of the town. As to date there is not much to see besides the newly build metro station (the violet line U2), a lot of cranes and a giant mud hole in the middle (the lake to be). But especially at sunset the symphony of cranes has beauty on its own. There is also an exhibition worthwhile visiting with a lot of information about the project and a wooden panorama tower with a nice view (last picture). Local artists were allowed to spray the container in which the exhibition is happening, giving the place an urban flair already. Although the city itself is yet missing…