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Lisbon in Focus

When people ask me about the craft of photography – and by no means I want to claim to be an expert – they usually first ask about my gear. I get it, the gear is important. Of course you want to have a DSLR to get a good quality shot and have a lens with a wide spectrum to catch it all. Post-processing is part of it too, some lighting improvements and tone adjustments. But that’s not what it is really about. You can get good equipment nowadays for less and less money, and that’s cool because it allows more and more people to express themselves creatively. But what I like about photography is to get to look closely, find interesting subjects, uncover the hidden things in daily street life. Basically photography – or the kind photography I like – is focusing, finding beauty in common things and following their geometry. The gear helps, but the work is done by the eyes. The result is joy, and maybe some interesting shots (among many many hundreds).


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Lisbon in Color

The last series of photographs I published on the website were rather dark toned or held entirely in black and white. Though I very much like the use of monochrome in photography, especially in street photography (check out the amazing work of Viviane Maier, I also recommend the beautiful documentary about her life I saw recently), many photographers actually seem to forget their lenses are capably of capturing some beautiful light and colors. So my little goal for this one was to highlight the amazing range of colors you encounter walking on a sunny day through the old town of Lisbon.


IMG_1511_Fotor (1)Processed with VSCOcam with c7 preset IMG_3819_Fotor IMG_2217_Fotor IMG_3876_FotorIMG_0752_Fotorlisboa1_fotorIMG_3658_Fotor (1)IMG_0935_fotor

An Afternoon in the Streets of Lviv

As I was on a working trip in Ukraine I just got a couple of hours spare time to explore the streets on my own and there was barely time to make the right adjustments or wait for the best light – so I just shot what came in front of my lens while walking through the magnificent old town of Lviv (Lemberg). As you can imagine there is a dense atmosphere right now in Ukraine. Though Lviv was very peaceful, you see a lot of flags hanging from the windows. Not just Ukrainian ones, but almost as often flags of the European Union too. The people here demand change and strive for a better life. I won’t forget the cab driver who hugged me and thanked me for the strong support from Europe. The hopes are high, hopefully they won’t be dashed again. All the best to the Ukrainian people: Slava Ukraini!