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Azulejos of Lisbon

The capital of Azulejos is without any doubt Lisbon. Just to remind you, Azulejos are thin-glazed ceramic tiles covering many historic buildings in Portugal. Last time I presented them to you I featured Azulejos from all of Portugal. This time though I want to lay my focus on the capital of the country. Azulejos come in all sorts of forms and colors, the variety is really remarkable. Though if you look closely there are differences within the country (I have no scientific proof for my bold hypothesis). The patterns in Northern Portugal tend to my more flowery and very often they are composed of earthy and grounded colors while in Lisboa there are definitely more bright colors and the style is more geometric.









Streets of Lisbon

The fascinating thing about Lisbon it is a very old and a very modern city at the same time. Very few towns seem to be able to combine these two qualities as well as Lisbon does. Barcelona on the other side of the Iberian peninsula springs to my mind. The end product is a very lively, yet beautiful metropole with a lot of character. Also there are cute yellow trams, everybody loves these trams.


IMG_1596 IMG_1613 IMG_1321 IMG_2681 IMG_6750 IMG_3903 IMG_1567 IMG_2260 IMG_3928

Lisbon in Color

The last series of photographs I published on the website were rather dark toned or held entirely in black and white. Though I very much like the use of monochrome in photography, especially in street photography (check out the amazing work of Viviane Maier, I also recommend the beautiful documentary about her life I saw recently), many photographers actually seem to forget their lenses are capably of capturing some beautiful light and colors. So my little goal for this one was to highlight the amazing range of colors you encounter walking on a sunny day through the old town of Lisbon.


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Greek Series: Mykonos Part I

This post is part of the so called “Greek Series”, consisting of photographies shot while I was backpacking Greece in September 2013. You’ll find a basic introduction to the series here and a list of all previous posts over here.

So you may wonder how we got from Nauplia to Mykonos. The truth is we didn’t, at least not directly. Mykonos was actually one of the last destinations on our journey. Before we embarked on a ferry to the islands we travelled around mainland Greece quite extensively. But for today I skipped the Peloponnes because the weather there was not always perfect and as much as I like archeological stuff and hilly landscapes, I think the blog and I myself needed a bit of summer island feeling in these (more or less) harsh and dark winter days. And that we definitively had on Mykonos. Still there is a lot to cover on the Peloponnes and many shots are left, so next time we come back to mainland Greece again. But for now: Hope you enjoy beautiful Mykonos as I saw it.