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Summer in the Alps

Depending on the season travelling the alps can be a very different experience. In summer the hills seem more green and alive than in any other other time of the year. The temperatures up in the hills tend to be more temperate than in the city and it is a joy to wander around and discover nature high in the skies.

Streets of Lisbon

The fascinating thing about Lisbon it is a very old and a very modern city at the same time. Very few towns seem to be able to combine these two qualities as well as Lisbon does. Barcelona on the other side of the Iberian peninsula springs to my mind. The end product is a very lively, yet beautiful metropole with a lot of character. Also there are cute yellow trams, everybody loves these trams.


IMG_1596 IMG_1613 IMG_1321 IMG_2681 IMG_6750 IMG_3903 IMG_1567 IMG_2260 IMG_3928

Streetphotography in Monochrome

In the last couple of weeks I worked on a complete redesign of the website. The aim was to make it more functional and accessible – and give it a pretty new look. So it took a lot of time and I didn’t have much of it. Anyway, finally it is ready for 2015 and I can get back to business – posting photography it was, if I remember correctly.

Before I get to that a quick orientation walk through the new site:
On the front page you see a header showpiece on top (be patient if it doesn’t pop out immediately, it will load eventually), below the last seven posts are displayed in chronological order.  If you click on “show more” on the bottom of the page you can access the older ones. Another possibility to browse through the posts is to make use of the calendar or the archives in the sidebar. I think the functionality is quite self-explanatory, so I won’t elaborate. There is also a neat search function on the top of the side bar and a tag cloud if you like it more topic-oriented. So the site works mostly through the front page now with the side-bar as toolkit for navigation. However the top menu is not gone entirely. The About or Contact section remained basically unchanged, so if you want to give me some feedback – that’s the way to go and I would certainly appreciate it (or you can comment the individual posts of course) 🙂 The other menu points are brand new. So the portfolio section is basically a new way I conceive and re-organize photo series by creating portfolios out of thematically or geographically linked posts. So instead of searching all of my Usbekistan posts for example, here you have them in one place ready to view. Another new thing ist the Store. If you like you can buy prints or digital copy rights for certain pictures via the 500px store. It’s just a selection, if you need something else please contact me. So that’s it. Back to business:

Streetphotography in Monochrome. Shot in Poland and Austria in 2014.


IMG_7797 (1) IMG_6627IMG_6690IMG_0294IMG_7146IMG_0306
IMG_0610 (1)IMG_0323IMG_6194

The Churches of Georgia

It’s been a while. I have been on the road for the last couple of months, so there was no time to update the blog. On the plus side though I got to shoot plenty of photography. So the place here will get more lively again in the upcoming weeks and months. Big news first: There is a new web address! Now the blog can be reached (also) via

In June I got the opportunity to visit Georgia and Armenia. These are two rather small countries south of the Caucasus mountain range, equipped with long and dramatic histories. They have distinct cultures with own alphabets and Christian traditions. While Armenia is a landlocked country, a mountainous place, historically living of trade, Georgia lies inbetween the northern and southern Cacasasus, mostly within a fertile lowland. Georgian are predominantly peasants, many of them cultivate wine. As the grape is one of the most important export products of the country. The urban centre of Georgia lies also within it’s geographic centre. Tbilisi is an interesting place, modern on the one hand, while still maintaining a very traditional and almost oriental flair. But no matter where you are in the country: Chances are high you will spot a church, a very distinctive looking church. Many of these date back as far as to the mid of the 1 Century AC and are still important centers of religious and civic life.