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Perspectives on Warsaw

Warsaw may not be a beautiful city in the traditional sense of the word, but it sure is a very interesting and vibrant place. Built up from the ashes in the 1950s it was constructed with communist ideals und new technological developments in mind. The streets are broad and made for a lot of traffic, while residential buildings rise up in the sky surrounded by a surprising amount of green. Since the 90s Warsaw is the undisputed capital of capitalism in Poland, so many new skyscrapers were built since then. Nowadays the communist and capitalist structures form an interesting although at times contradictory symphony.


Warsaw on the Waterfront

Flowing through Polands capital city the Vistula is a wild and largely untamed river. Although the old town is located close to the water it lies on a hillside, the proper city center is situated ever farther away. The surroundings of the Vistula consist mostly of more or less wild greens. At some arms of the river you’ll find apartment buildings too, similar to the Alte Donau area in Vienna. There are some sandy parts as well which are flooded with people in summer. The sunsets are indeed gorgeous there.