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Bornholm and Christiansö

The islands of Bornholm and Christiansö are situated in the Baltic sea close to Sweden, yet politically they are part of Denmark. These are quiet islands, the people living here work mostly in agriculture and tourism, offering some escapism to visitors from more busy parts of Europe.


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Palace of Rundale

The Palace of Rundāle is situated in southern Latvia. Far apart from any larger settlement it is a beautiful baroque building surrounded by nature. Rundāle was erected in 1768 and planned by the renown Italian architect Bartolomeo Rastrelli, who mainly worked for the Russian Zars before and was also responsible for the Winter Palace in Saint Petersburg and the Catherine Palace in Tsarskoye Selo. In Soviet times the palace was used as a school, today it is refurbished and houses a museum. Part of the historic site is also a beautiful English garden on the rear of the building.







Nature of Latvia

Last summer I had the privilege to spend again some weeks in Latvia. The country situated in the center of the Baltics in Northeastern Europe. The population is concentrated mostly in the capital Riga and in other larger cities, while the countryside still maintained a lot of charm and beauty which is already gone elsewhere in Europe. Some impressions.


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